The Psychology of Success

Diversity makes us stronger.

We understand that unique and diverse experiences can lead to inventive ideas and cutting-edge approaches. At the Food Bank, you have the chance to innovate, break through and make a difference.

We have some great plans for this business

Meeting employees where they are.

At the Food Bank, we are establishing clear, defined and transparent organizational values and structures that provide consistent, fair and equitable experiences for all staff. We recognize that not all staff have the same background and experience and not all staff have had the same opportunities as others. At the Food Bank, we strive to give employees what they need to succeed.

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You bring your unique self, we provide the safe and inclusive environment.

When you join the Food Bank, we recognize all staff differences and ensure that those differences are regularly utilized; that your differences are valued; that you are fully able to contribute; and that you feel welcomed, valued, respected, heard and supported.

Interested in joining our team?

Every staff member plays a role in helping to provide food for our neighbors in need and we invite you to consider joining us.