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Equity Council

The Equity, People, and Culture (EPC) department organizes the Food Bank’s Equity Council. The Equity Council is the organization’s vehicle for driving action towards the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion‘s (EDI’s) strategic pillars. The council is critical in creating organizational change and helping to provide focus/feedback on EDI initiatives.

To set an example of inclusivity the equity council includes representation of balanced leadership, middle management, and staff levels. The council is supported and help accountable through the Food Bank’s executive team for action planning and reporting.

Additionally, the Food Bank’s Equity Council assists the organizations efforts for combating bias and discriminatory practices. It promotes equity, respect, inclusion, opportunity, and community in our workplace.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups are the Food Bank’s commitment to building and maintaining a workplace that values diverse perspectives and ideas that contribute to, advance, and promote the EDI strategic pillars. Employee Resource Groups are groups of Food Bank staff identifying with various cultures, traditions, ethnicities, or other diverse characteristics with the purpose of supporting company objectives. This is a grass roots initiative driven by staff to help support and bring awareness to diverse/cultural perspective and experiences to full employment opportunities. These groups also provide an opportunity for similarly cultural groups to engage, find common ground, and support the group’s diversity variable through experiences that has historically limited growth in the workplace. Employee Resource Groups also creates opportunities for internal Food Bank dialogue sessions to engage in cultural knowledge sharing of experiences and perspectives from their own unique cultural backgrounds; bringing awareness to all Food Bankers as an opportunity for cultural growth.