Stories of Change

Lisa’s Story

Lisa grew up in Pittsburgh and now lives with her mother in Clairton. They both received SNAP emergency allotments, but when those ended, both she and her mother had to make serious changes to stay afloat.

“It put us in a pickle. She had to go back to work. She’s working at Rite Aid, just so we could pay bills, and buy food. It’s not that easy,” Lisa shares.

Between Lisa and her mother, the two lost $410 a month in SNAP benefits. The strain has the family in constant worry over food and finances.

“We’re always worried about if we’re going to eat dinner today, tomorrow. If I get money, all my money goes to going to the store and buying food so we can eat. Because I’m feeding two people, me and my mom.”

Lisa has been helping to relieve their food bill by stopping at The Market – the Food Bank’s on-site food pantry.

“It looks like a regular store. It’s not like, you have to be embarrassed. I know people are embarrassed because they feel like you can’t make it. But it’s not embarrassing, it’s what you have to do to survive.”

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