Engaging our community, responding to new challenges

The Part 2 survey is now closed. Raffle prize winners will be contacted soon.

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank has launched a three-part Stakeholder Engagement Initiative (SEI) to engage diverse stakeholders in a discussion about how we can make our work even more effective. During Part 1, we connected with over 1,200 people (in virtual meetings and through online and hard copy surveys) about what’s working well with the Food Bank today, what’s not working as well, and about their suggestions for the future. If you want to learn more about the Stakeholder Engagement Initiative and feedback received in Part 1, please check out the SEI Part 1 Discussion Guide, Integrated Summary Report and meeting summaries (listed below).

Project Timeline


Spring/Summer 2021

Understand what works well, what’s not working well and identify suggestions to consider for the future.


Summer/Fall 2021

Test ideas that respond to the strengths, challenges and opportunities in our communities and region.

*We are here!


2021/Winter 2022

Share and refine a proposed path forward informed by feedback on ideas tested.

What’s happening in Part 2?

Our focus for Part 2 is on sharing some of the exciting things that are already in the works to address some of the ideas and priorities heard during Part 1, and dig deeper into areas where we could really use your help as we think about what the future of the Food Bank looks like.

For more information on Part 2 of the SEI Process, please check out the Part 2 Discussion Guide and share your thoughts on the emerging ideas by filling out the survey. With your input, we can continue to strengthen our efforts to meet the needs of communities across southwestern PA.

View the Part 2 discussion guide


For more information on the Stakeholder Engagement Initiative, please contact:

Erin Spangler, Engagement Initiative Project Manager, 412-460-3663 ext. 498 or espangler@pittsburghfoodbank.org