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Promotional Materials

Promoting your fundraiser is critical to your success and we are here to help! Download our flyers and social media posts to encourage donations and raise awareness for your event.
Promotional Flyers
Popular Promotion Ideas
Advertising for your Food & Fund Drive early and frequently can lead to greater results! The most successful campaigns utilize social media platforms and email blasts to reach a larger audience. Using images and videos in your posts help draw more people to your campaign and connect them to our mission. View some inspiring videos here.

Food Drive Collection Details

Donations can be collected in any household box or bag.
Food Bank branded boxes and barrels are reserved for large scale food drive collections. If you would like to submit a request for boxes or barrels, please indicate that on your Registration Form or email [email protected].

Most Needed Items

Follow our Most Needed Food Items list to serve as a guideline for your Food Drive!
This list covers the items the individuals we serve regularly need. Please note we do not accept glass or opened items.

Food Drive Drop-Off Options

The Food Bank works with multiple partners who collect community donations, which get picked-up and delivered to our warehouse!
Food Bank Warehouse
Food Drives can be delivered to our warehouse located at 1 North Linden Street, Duquesne, PA 15110. Our facility is open Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 4:30 pm. We recommend scheduling a drop off by emailing [email protected].
Community Drop Off Locations
The Food Bank works with multiple partners who collect community donations, which are then sourced to our warehouse! Please note that these locations cannot take large collections (think a car load). Click here to view drop off locations!
Connect with a Local Pantry
Locate and connect with a pantry in your area. Call ahead to coordinate your delivery of items!

Creative Sparks

Looking for a unique way to engage your network in your upcoming Food & Fund Drive? We have compiled a list of our favorite fun-raising ideas!

Corporate Partner Resources

Our corporate partners are critical to our fight against hunger. By donating your time and money, our partners help fuel programs that are essential to the success of our mission. Learn more ways your business can get involved by reviewing our list of opportunities or visiting our Corporate Giving page.

Contact Information

Phone: 412-745-FUND
Community Fundraising Coordinators: Juliana Gabany & Michelle Mischler

Food Drive vs. Online Fundraiser

Why you should consider hosting an Online Fundraiser compared to a traditional food drive.

Monetary donations have the greatest impact for our work. For every $1 raised, the Food Bank is able to provide up to five meals for the children, families and seniors we serve! Monetary donations allow us to purchase food in large quantities directly from manufacturers and quickly re-distribute to those in need. They also allow us to source the specific items we need in order to fill any gaps in our supply, including fresh produce and dairy.
Although we still love traditional food drives, they do take a considerable effort from our staff and volunteers to sort, organize and repack. By hosting an Online Fundraiser, you can skip the hassle of the grocery store and coordinating the food delivery, all while maximizing your impact on the Three Rivers Region!