Stories of Change

Curtis and Audrey’s Story

Curtis and Audrey are doing their best to make ends meet, but the COVID-19 pandemic is making that a challenge. While Audrey waits for her disability to come through, Curtis had been working at a hotel and a local restaurant, but is furloughed from both right now.

“I’ve been not working for about a year and a half now waiting for disability and he’s been furloughed from his job since March. Anything we can do to get a little help, we’re very appreciative of it.”

Audrey has growing concerns about the virus, but is thankful for the help they were able to receive through the drive-up distribution at the airport.

“My anxiety has been through the roof,” Audrey says. “We’ve never had to do this and it’s very heartfelt thank you’s that I give people and we’re blessed to be able to come out.”

To the donors and volunteers who make these drive-up events possible, Curtis and Audrey shared, “People like yourselves, you’re heroes to us. You guys still have to go home to your families. As long as you stay safe, that’s all we can ask for. But we are blessed that people have stepped up and are able to do things.”

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