Drive-Up Food Distribution Events

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is hosting a Drive-Up distribution event to provide food (one share per reservation). A single share of food may come in one or more pre-packed boxes and/or bags. This is a new way to give food that helps us keep you safe during the pandemic and adhere to social distancing guidelines. 

Please make a reservation in advance of the Drive-Up events. Reservations allow us to serve you better by controlling traffic and making sure we have the right amount of food.

Everyone can receive food and there is no required proof of eligibility. Your information will only be used to provide you food and help us improve your service. Please read the instructions each time you register for a new event, as our rules may change week-to-week.

There are no exceptions to one reservation getting one share of food. For one car to get two or three shares of food, the car must have more than one family or household. Each household must complete a separate reservation. The same car and license plate can be used up to three times for the same event.

Select the date of the event you would like to attend. Then provide your license plate number, name and email address. Click "Begin Reservation.” On the next screen, answer the questions to complete your reservation. 

The start time is the soonest you will be allowed to enter the distribution line. You must arrive in the vehicle use to make this reservation. As long as, you arrive in a vehicle with a reservation between the start time and the end time of the event, you will receive food.

Your cooperation will help the Food Bank serve the community while keeping you safe during our Drive-Up distribution events. Thank you.

Personal Details

If you receive the error "This does not appear to be a valid email address" review to see if what you entered is formatted correctly and doesn't include a space at the beginning or end.

Click "begin reservation" below. You will have 15 minutes to complete your reservation. During that time your spot will be held.

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