Food is love. Share the love this new year. Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank continues its mission to end hunger and stabilize lives of our neighbors across 11 counties, three rivers and one heart.

Nancy’s Story

Nancy is living on disability after a car accident left her with permanent mobility struggles. She relies on Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank to get food and picks up food for up to 20 different seniors who are homebound in her housing community.

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1 in 7 people in our region lives with hunger.

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Amy’s Story

Amy lived a very normal life with her children and grandchildren until a cancer diagnosis in 2018 changed everything. She had to leave her job and her young daughter moved back in to help take care of her and support the family financially.

When the pandemic hit, the family was forced to choose between income from her daughter’s job at the hospital and risking Amy’s health. For the first time in their life, the family looked into food assistance and it helped them through the crisis created by Covid.

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