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Your reservation has expired, this is mostly likely because you took more than 15 minutes to complete your registration.

Click "Submit" below and you will return to the first page where you can begin your registration again.
Reservation Complete

Your reservation for our upcoming food distribution event is complete. 

Take note of the "Reservation Number" below. When you arrive at the distribution, a Food Bank representative will first check your license plate number. If necessary, they will ask for this reservation number.

We encourage you to do one of the following:
  • print the confirmation email or this page
  • save the number on your phone or mobile device
  • write down the number

You must arrive in the vehicle registered for the reservation. The start time listed above is the soonest that you can arrive. If you arrive before the start time, you may be turned away. As long as you arrive in a vehicle with a reservation between the start time and the end time of the event, you will receive food.  

There are no exceptions to one reservation receiving one share of food. For one car to receive two or three shares of food, the car must have more than one family or household. Each household must complete a separate reservation. The same car and license plate can be used up to three times for the same event.

If you need to change the vehicle you are arriving in or your license plate number for any reason, you can do so at the link in the email we sent to you.

You can use the same link to cancel your reservation. You should do so if an emergency arises and you cannot make the event or if you receive food from another resource. 

Cancelling will not affect your ability to make another reservation. Cancelling is encouraged if you cannot attend. This helps us to provide food to as many people as possible. 

Your cooperation will help the Food Bank serve the community while keeping everyone safe.
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