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Produce to People

A typical Produce to People distributes food to 400-800 families in 1 ½ to 2 hours, with a focus on whole fruits and vegetables. We give out between 35-50 lbs to each household per distribution.

Produce to People is meant to complement your pantry, giving you items the pantry cannot stock or move quickly. Even if you are already receiving food from a pantry, you can still come to any Produce to People distribution. If you need food, please use our agency directory to find your local pantry.

Produce to People has one distribution per month at 16 different sites: Sheraden, Braddock, Homewood, North Side, McKeesport, Duquesne, Allegheny Valley, South Side, Waynesburg, West Greene County, Butler, Beaver Falls, Aliquippa, Johnstown, Dunbar, and New Castle. [view map of locations]

You can also call the P2P hotline at (412) 460-3663 ext. 727 for up-to-date information about our Allegheny County distributions.

Any Pennsylvania household can qualify for the distributions in one of three ways:

  • If your total household income is below 150% of the federal poverty level, you qualify. [view guidelines]
  • If you are receiving Social Security Retirement, Disability, Unemployment benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, or SNAP benefits (Food Stamps), you qualify.
  • Finally, if your household is experiencing a food emergency, whether because of a recent move, a power outage that knocked out your refrigerator, or any other reason, you qualify.

Pennsylvania residents from any location are welcome at any of the distributions. Registration is not limited by county, township, or any other geographic factor. For example, a resident of Evans City might go to any of the distributions we have nearby: Butler, New Castle, Beaver Falls, or Aliquippa; or even Pittsburgh, if they are willing to travel that far and can’t make a distribution nearby.

Registration happens at the distributions. You do not need to bring any kind of documentation with you. Upon registration, you will sign a legal document certifying that you qualify for the food and answer a few questions about household size, zip code, etc.

You may be leaving with up to 50 pounds of food, so if you can, please bring something to help carry it all away: a box, strong bags, or ideally a cart with wheels. We do not have bags or boxes to give away. Also, please dress appropriately for standing outside for up to an hour, and please do not arrive more than an hour before each distribution.